"Saxophone duet plays as the lights turn on in the set of Hannibal's office. The audience cheers to see the two main characters covered in blood and reading the newspaper together on the couch. Will laughs, "They think she was killed! Please, she's doing quite well in the basement!" Hannibal looks up and then down at the floor, "I dob't have a basement." "Oh, I'm sorry. She's in the subterranean suite!" The audience roars with laughter."



I am too proud of this.

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Got a shotglass and a pint of cider at the beer and spirits market. Guy joked that you don’t do shots of cider. I told him that I soak my ears with sea salt and water in the shot glass… And after I swallow. He started retching.



I cannot be stopped.

It’s official I will die of laughter. 

Sean you beautiful genius.

Team GUS: Gus, Gus, Gus, and special guest Gus.

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Meanwhile Misha…(x)

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bae caught me slippin


bae caught me slippin

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Kinda don’t want to take off my eye make up because it looks so good with my hair and eyes.

Kinda don’t want to take off my eye make up because it looks so good with my hair and eyes.

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I don’t think I’ve ever seen the sky like this before and it’s incredible

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» Because only Vin Diesel could ever be ridiculously nerdy enough to attend the UK world premiere red carpet for Guardians of the Galaxy wearing a “I am Groot” t-shirt and walking on stilts

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Moroccan sink.

Moroccan sink.

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"Some people on the internet have been saying some pretty ridiculous things about the Supernatural panel I moderated at Nerd HQ at SDCC this past weekend (which by and large was a massive hit and a highlight of my con, personally). As is widely known, I am a huge Supernatural fan and am lucky enough to be friends with a large part of the cast, who are all kind, giving, great guys dedicated to their families, their fans, and their show.

I like guys. My podcast is called Girl on Guy. I was raised by a single father. I am a standup comedian and spend a large portion of my social and work time around men. Many of my closest friends are men. I am curious about them. I enjoy their company. I do not apologize for that. I am also a feminist and a dedicated supporter of the LGBTQQIAAP community. I will not apologize for the things I said during the panel, and I do not take them back.

Occasionally sociocultural dedication and vigilance can decay into wild-eyed hysteria. This is one of those times.

a) The joke about Misha was not transphobic. I am a HUGE supporter of the LGBTQQIAAP community and put my body and my money where my mouth is constantly for gay and trans rights and marriage equality. That is public record and indisputable. The comment was a joke. You can take it however you would like but that is not how it was intentioned. And for the record, that is not how it was taken by Misha, who was and remains a very good friend of mine.

b) Jared and Jensen are not misogynists. This is bullshit on its face. The show focuses on the relationship between these two brothers with a very unique provenance and a very unique set of circumstances. I disagree vigorously that there aren’t strong women on Supernatural: Felicia Day, Genevieve Padalecki, Kim Rhodes, Amanda Tapping and Alaina Huffman, among others, would agree they are not wimps.

But Supernatural is not about male-female relationships. The show is about two brothers trying to prevent the apocalypse, and how that rends and repairs their relationship with themselves and each other. If you want a show about relationships, or about women, complex, self-actualized female characters ABOUND elsewhere — Scandal, Penny Dreadful, Girls, Homeland, The Americans, Gray’s Anatomy, Vikings (Lagertha Lothbrok is OUT OF CONTROL — I want to have her babies) — this is but a meager and partial list.

TV is finally becoming a great place for women. Not perfect, I , but better.

c) the show is a show about men. If you don’t like that, watch another show. If you are a fan, you are a fan, and you enjoy the elements of the show you find satisfying. If the show is not creatively satisfying to you, watch another show. If you think it’s misogynistic, WATCH ANOTHER SHOW. If you are pissed at Supernatural or its writers or it’s actors, WATCH ANOTHER FREAKING SHOW. The idea that women don’t watch the show because they are drawn in by these male characters and their interplay is bullish*t. That is why you’re watching, or at least part of it. If it wasn’t, YOU WOULD BE WATCHING ANOTHER FREAKING SHOW.

c) Not every show can be everything to everyone. Period. Art must exist for art’s own sake, not to satisfy someone else’s cultural agenda. You can criticize the show, and you can criticize me, as is your right, of course. I can take it. Go nuts.

In art, as in America, everyone is entitled to be wrong.”

- Aisha Tyler’s Facebook Page [X]

i’m sorry but i disagree fundamentally with so much of this.

I will put my two cents here since I’ve been posting links to Girl on Guy episodes and other things Aisha has done:

Aisha has been part of the Television production scene for decades. She is an African American lady raised by a single father and is in a loving interracial marriage with her college sweetheart. She plays FPS video games and dorks out watching TV shows when she isn’t working on The Talk, WLIIA, Cons, Archer, her standup comedy, her podcast, her micro brewing, and many other projects for the future.

She really does see herself as one of the guys. And doesn’t fully relate to women in general. Her knee jerk reaction is “Suck it up” because that’s what she surrounds herself with. 

Reading this Facebook post, I can see where she’s taken notes from her interview with Felicia Day. The whole “Everyone is entitled to be wrong” is a big scary logic trap that disables both sides of the argument. Aisha plopped her lady balls out once again. 

I agree that the show is about a pair of brothers on an epic, tangental mission. I agree that this show is not about any relationships outside of Dean and Sam, them and Crowley, and them and Castiel. Well, for right now.

I haven’t watched the Nerd HQ panel yet. I will make my opinion then.

But seriously… I love the fandom and the actors… but we are all people with our own experiences and judgements. Just bare that in mind.

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:( wow sucks. i guess you can try to look on it as him doing you a favor since you can be reasonably sure you are better off not being friends?

Completely. But it was a bummer to read how lowly he thought of himself. It wasn’t a bummer at all that I felt nothing but an urge to delete the conversation.
Never had someone say “Have a sad day” to me before…

I was just told to have a sad day from a guy on Ok Cupid because he felt like we weren’t compatible as friends since he doesn’t want me to judge him.

Well considered you judged as a self saboteur, dear sir.